Why Custom Air Force Ones are a top trend of 2017

The custom shoe market has exploded in 2017. Big brands like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok have allowed customers to create custom version of certain shoe models right on their websites. The sites allow for changes in color, patterns, and look on custom sneakers. However, in most cases, customers are looking for a totally unique addition to their shoe. This has led to an explosion of custom artists creating unique and individualized changes to shoes.


Custom Air Force One popularity have especially have grown in 2017, for multiple reasons. First, the shoe is iconic and is a largely worn shoe. It is common and for good reason: its comfortable, affordable, and good for athletic wear. Unlike other custom Jordans which rely on expensive base shoes like the Jordan 11 or Jordan 12, Air Force Ones are relatively cheap. They are around $110 dollars for a brand new pair, unlike other Jordans which start at $200.

Secondly, they have plenty of area and room for great designs and customizations to be added. The swoosh, the straps, and the sides of the Air Force One can all be customized, leading to some of the greatest designs in the custom shoe market. Below are some of our favorites we’ve created in the past:

Custom Air Force One Highs

Broncos AF1

Broncos Air Force Ones Customs

This was a Football themed custom we made in the past. Turned an Air Force 1 High into a custom Air Force 1 in a Broncos design. Used the Navy and Orange colors, combined with a Bronco, to make a football themed AF1. A great sneaker for any gameday!


Monster AF1

Monster Custom Air Force Ones

This was a super fun Air Force 1 custom we made. We love Monster, and though it’d make for a great design on a sneaker. One of our favorite parts of the shoe is the mix between green and black, where the colors transitions. It gives the shoe a unique and unusual design, that no other AF1 that we’ve seen has. It turned out great!


Rainbow AF1

Custom Air Force One Rainbows

Another great design, this was a Rainbow Air Force 1 custom. Colors go from blue to orange to yellow to red, for a totally unique look! You can tell if a shoe is a custom design, as it looks totally different than those sold in stores. This custom sneaker’s look is definitely one of those!

Reflective Air Force 1 High

Custom Reflective Air Force Ones

These were a challenge, but a great custom to make. We put reflective tape on the swoosh, making it glow whenever a light is shined on it. In the dark, a light from a car or a flash light makes the shoe shine bright. Such a cool look!

Holographic AF1s

Holographic Custom Air Force Ones

Similar to the reflective AF1, we put holographic tape on the straps of the Air Force 1, along the side, and the toe. Looking at the shoe from different angles makes the shoe appear different, as the holographic foil takes over.

Custom Air Force One Lows

Of course, Air Force 1s can come in the low version too. This model is more like a traditional low top sneaker, and makes for a great custom. Here’s an example of two low top custom Air Force 1s we’ve created in the past

All Black AF1

Custom All Black Air Force Ones

We took an all white Air Force 1, and turned it all black. We then added glow in the dark paint to make the swoosh glow. Perfect for Halloween!


Baseball AF1

Custom Baseball Air Force Ones

This was a special Chicago Cubs themed Air Force 1. A great gift for baseball season! One of our favorite sports, on a custom shoe.



One of the best qualities of Air Force 1s is how they are so availiable in stores. For other sneaker types like Jordan 11s and Jordan 12s, its hard to find them in retailers. Sneakers like Yeezys and certain NMD types are so hard to find that the only way to obtain them is through online raffles or giveaways, or from resellers for expensive prices. Air Force 1 Highs and Air Force 1 Lows can be found at any major retailers, in a variety of colors. This is great, as the shoes can then be customized even further with different patterns and decals.

Here is a list of general retailers that would have Air Force 1s in stock:





How to get a custom Air Force 1

If you’re looking to design you’re own Air Force 1, we’d be happy to! Just comment below, and we’d be happy to help you.

We’ve done plenty of custom designs on Air Force 1s in the past, ranging from sports themed, to wedding themed, to birthday themed. Whatever the occasion, we have you covered!


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